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“Huiquan” has become a well-know brand at home and abroad

With years of R&D and expansion of foreign market as well as propulsion of diversified development strategies, Runkai Carbon has established a cooperative relationship with well-known enterprises of numerous countries. With the development of our cooperative relationship with domestic famous enterprises, our company has achieved the strategic objective of “Complementary Advantages, Shared Resources, Win-win Development”. “Huiquan” has become a well-know brand at home and abroad, striving to become an international brand.

Main products:
1. Updraft continuous casting oxygen-free copper rods, copper bars, graphite nozzles for copper pipes, flat bar moulds, protective sleeves, heat insulation sleeves
2. Horizontal continuous casters produce brass rods, brass bars, brass pipes, copper rods, copper bars and copper pipes, coated solid moulds, flat row moulds, hollow moulds, stopper rods and bases for various specially-shaped copper materials, as well as graphite crucibles (of various specifications) for smelting copper, platinum, gold, silver and other alloys.
3. Mechanical seal graphite bearings, graphite sealing rings, flexible graphite paper, as well as graphite plates, graphite strips and graphite rods for powder metallurgy industry
4. Carbon-based barbecue plates, graphite vessel series products 5. Lightning protection series products: pure graphite grounding modules .